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Cross-Reference Guide

Kingtronics International Company is ISO 9001:2015 and UL & SGS certified with 2 factories. Kingtronics products we can supply include trimmer potentiometers & tantalum capacitors & ceramic capacitors, diodes, bridges and zeners.

MKT-Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap)  Cross Guide

Kingtronics AVX Murata  Kemet Vishay NIC Nippon  TDK Daewoo
MKT series SR, SA series RPE series C315-C350 K (Mono Cap ) NCM/NCMA THD series  FK Series  TS series

TKT-Dipped Tanlalum Capacitor Cross Reference

Kingtronics NIC AVX Kemet Nemco China P/N Daewoo NEC Mallory
TKT Series NDTM  TAP T350 to T390 TB  PDT CA42 TB TD series ND, NP TDC TDL
Kingtronics FAIRCHILD
DB101/S DF005S
DB102/S DF01S
DB103/S DF02S
DB104/S DF04S
DB105/S DF06S
DB106/S DF08S
DB107/S DF10S
Kingtronics M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7  
  50 100 200 400 600 800 1000  
Micro Commercial GS1A(E) GS1B GS1D GS1G GS1J GS1K GS1M DO-214AC
Vishay, FC S1A S1B S1D S1G S1J S1K S1M SMA
Comchip CGRA4001G              
Bourns CD214A-R150 -R1100 -R1200 -R1400 -R1600      
Kingtronics P/N Diodes MCC
MB2S HD02 HD02
MB4S HD04 HD04
MB6S HD06 HD06
MB8S no cross HD08
MB10S no cross HD10

RKT-Trimmer Potentiometer Cross Reference

Kingtronics B.I.(Beckman) Bourns Murata Vishay Tocos
RKT-3006P 89P 3006P PV23P 43P RJC097P
RKT-C3305 17T 3303 PVZ3A(T) TSO33S VG025CHXT
RKT-3362P 25P  3362P PVC6A T73YP/76P GF063P
RKT-3329P 62M,82M 3329P PV32P 75P RJC06P
RKT-3329H 82P 3329H PV32H 75H RJC06W
RKT-3386P 72P 3386P PV34P T20YP/63P  
RKT-3296W 67W 3296W PV36W T93YA/64W J9W
RKT-3296X 67X 3296X PV36X T93XA/64X J9X
RKT-3266W 64W 3266W PV37W T6YB/T63YB RJC261W
RKT-3266P 64P 3266P PV37P 1248P/T6ZB  
RKT-3266Y 64Y 3266Y PV37Y T6YA/T63YA  
RKT-3309P   3309P      
RKT-3309W   3309W      
RKT-3590S   3590S