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Counterfeit Prevention

The prevention of counterfeit components starts with suppliers. We keep a detailed list of approved sources by utilizing ISO certifications and surveys, Industry news groups, and order history to determine reliability. All suppliers must be qualified.

Methods of Prevention

When parts are received they are subjected to the processes below:

  • Complete Visual inspection.
  • Device marking tests.
  • Component surface analysis.
  • Extensive use of high powered microscopy and digital photography.
    • If any discrepancy is noted further testing is completed: (Will also complete stage 2 testing by customer request)
  • X-Ray analysis, including in-tape reel-to-reel and in-tray inspections.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) testing.
  • Mechanical and Chemical De-capsulation, with microscopic die inspection.
  • Solderability testing.
  • Electrical testing.
  • Component blank check, erasing, and programming.